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Woma Python Sunset (Digital)

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Woma Python (Aspidites ramsayi)

Shark Bay, Western Australia

Red sandy deserts, woodlands and scrublands throughout the interior of Australia are the favoured habitat for Woma Pythons. These arid regions harbour an abundance of other reptile species for the Woma to prey on. They emerge from their subterranean shelters at dusk to hunt for sleeping reptiles such as dragons, monitors and even venomous snakes! Possessing no venom; the Woma overcomes its prey with brute strength, constricting its victim until it suffocates, upon which, it is swallowed whole.

Unfortunately the Woma has almost disappeared from its original distributions in southwestern Australia due to habitat destruction for agriculture and the introduction of feral animals. Since the early 1990’s Peron Peninsula (where I photographed this individual) has been protected by a 3km predator fence providing one of the last ‘safe havens’ for these snakes in the southwest.