Adorned by the Ancestors (Digital)

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Western marbled velvet gecko (Oedura fimbria)

Cue, Western Australia 

Few animals resemble a living Aboriginal dot painting better than the endemic velvet geckoes of Australia, especially the Western marbled velvet gecko (Oedura fimbria), and where better to find one than at one of Australia's most extensive galleries of Aboriginal art - Walga Rock, Western Australia.

Walga Rock is one of Australia's largest monoliths - a geological feature consisting of a single massive stone or rock, Uluru, for example. The rock, coupled with the art site, makes this destination well worth the visit but be sure to respect this place, as it is of profound cultural significance to the Wajarri First Nations people.

DISCLAIMER: These images were published with the consent of the Wajarri people - the acknowledged traditional owners of Walga Rock and surrounding lands. 


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